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Morning Links for Oct. 31, 2013
Real life is scarier than anything you could buy from a costume shop.
Are you fretting over your costume? Worrying about the blood sugar effects of all that sweet stuff? Hopefully, these links will give you something else to worry about. Enjoy.
  • The seemingly unending problems for the County's Mental Health Complex continue
  • The Red Sox won the World Series last night, silencing cries from the nation of fans afflicted with faux-underdog syndrome. The win marks Boston's first Series victory at home since 1918. (Disclosure: Brewers fan here)
  • Remember that government shutdown? It could happen again as soon as January. A couple weeks ago, local brewer-in-progress Mike Brenner went "On the Record" to vent
  • Teens have been using social media platforms to poll the Internet abyss with this question: "Am I pretty or ugly?" Adults attempt to answer why. 
  • And finally, the haunted houses that photograph their guests in the midst of a scare are still turning up hilarious pictures. Happy Halloween. 

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