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Best Places to Sweat
Fitness Fighting 
Do people call you aggressive? Do you crave red meat? Let us introduce you to Fitness Fighting. The class mixes cardio, plyometrics, martial arts and strength training in a series of throwing-and-kicking combos. A new gym by the same name (6575 N. Sidney Pl.) opened last spring, and it’s the perfect place to sweat out your demons.

Yoga Sculpt 
Mix Vinyasa flow yoga with 2- or 5-pound hand weights, add in booty-shaking grooves, and you get yoga sculpt – a total body workout to lengthen and strengthen. It’s the perfect class for those looking to get a more intense workout with the same Zen aftereffects of yoga. Jaimi Patterson is the only one offering it at Yoga Ward (223 S. Second St.).

You may have missed your chance to be a prima ballerina, but you can still score the toned body. The idea is to fatigue each muscle group and then stretch it through floor exercises taken from pilates and ballet movements – all along a ballet barre. Try it at Core Concepts (241 N. Broadway), Invivo (2060 N. Humboldt Ave.), or Danceworks (1661 N. Water St.).

No, it’s not a Starbucks drink. It’s cardio mixed with pilates, plus jumping on a trampoline while trying to maintain a vertical posture. Trust us, that last element adds a major dose of fun. The Lift Pilates and Core Align Studio (383 W. Brown Deer Rd., Fox Point) is the only place in Wisconsin to offer it. 

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