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A Mondo Lucha Spectacular
Wrestling, burlesque, music and weirdness this Saturday.

Images courtesy of Mondo Lucha. 

If you haven’t seen a Mondo Lucha show yet, what are you waiting for?

Saturday, Nov. 2 at Turner Hall Ballroom is the fifth anniversary of this Milwaukee-made live show with acrobatic high flyin’ pro wrestlers, national touring burlesque acts and an array of sideshow performers.

The best way to explain it is a sensory-filled explosion of raw power and emotion. Even if you don’t like wrestling, you will get sucked into the story lines and drama that take place in the ring. There will be about 25 different performers including Lola Van Ella and Foxy La Feelion to tantalize the crowd between sets of sweaty, spandex-clad bouts. And get ready to dance with glam-rockers Tigernite. 

Since its debut in 2008, the raucous extravaganza never disappoints. I spoke with producer Andy Gorzalski to get the real scoop on how they plan on outdoing themselves this time around.

Girl About Town: What's new this time around?

Andy Gorzalski: The pressure to keep raising the stakes is huge. The past few shows have been our best ever, and now we're working around the clock to top what we've done. We’re still growing, so we can't let people down on our big birthday. This is going to be a really fun show. 

GAT: I assume some of the Mondo Lucha all-stars will be returning. Will Shockwave be back? 

AG: The metal man himself, Shockwave the Robot will return on November 2nd. Does he have enough battery life to save Milwaukee again? We'll see. But a whole host of Mondo Lucha stars old and new will be in the mix, including audience favorite Chivas the Goat.

GAT: Are there ongoing stories/vendettas that will resurface?

AG: Oh yes, and some new wrinkles. After I saw The Hunger Games, I knew I needed to up our storytelling game. I think this show will be the close of a chapter for many characters in the Mondo Lucha saga. New stars will rise, and there's the possibility of some you may never see again. 

GAT: How long does it typically take to produce a show?

AG: About four or five months. Writing story lines, finding the next big thing, getting the right chemistry and pace of the show. It's a constant rearranging of furniture until we get it right – sometimes right up until the doors open at Turner Hall. 

GAT: You always make an appearance, can you hint at what character you will be this time?

AG: I do? The one jerk wrestling manager guy does kind of look like me, I guess. Although last time he did have a change of heart and turn his back on the bad guys for once, so we'll have to see what he's up to. 

GAT: How does the audience contribute to the performance?

AG: When you walk in Turner Hall, you've basically left reality. That's how I always look at it, and the audiences have always let go and really amped up the show beyond any expectations we could ever have. I've seen timid school teachers transform into full-blown pro wrestling fans screaming all night long.

It's a fun release for people to see something they may have never seen before and really become part of the energy in the venue. I like that in the past few years people have taken it upon themselves to dress up in costumes and get even crazier.

GAT: When do you think Mondo Lucha will be back?

AG: We'll see if Turner Hall is still standing after this one. We will wade through the insurance claims and then look to the future. We don't have a Milwaukee date after Nov. 2, but the cool thing is more cities have been calling us to pay a visit, so we can go and evangelize a Milwaukee-made brand of fun and show people what this city is made of.  

You have to see it live to believe it. Purchase your tickets here.

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