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You Should Know Broncho
The Tulsa four-piece is worth seeing this week at Cactus Club.

Check them out:
Wednesday, Oct. 30 at Cactus Club, 10:30 p.m. with Sex Forecast and Lack Of Reason


What's the big deal?


Among today's bumper crop of ’70s garage rock revivalists, Broncho stands out as one of the best. Despite dirt-encrusted production and a deadbeat punk attitude, songs like "Try Me Out Sometime" and "I Don't Really Wanna Be Social" are sticky, no-nonsense pop. The Tulsa four-piece has toured relentlessly in the past few years behind their only album, 2011's debut Can't Get Past The Lips, which spawned a number of grimy low-budget videos to go along with its grimy low-budget pop songs. The album was recently picked up for re-release by the well-respected Fairfax Records, which chooses its artists carefully: Fairfax is also home to ubiquitous hit-makers Gotye and Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros. Wednesday's performance will be the band's second appearance at Cactus Club in 2013 alone.


How's the latest record?


With no song hitting the three-minute mark, Can't Get Past The Lips is pop punk smelling salts – a lean batch of 10 gritty quick ones in the tradition of The Ramones and Wire that will be stuck in your head long after the 20-minute run time is up. Aforementioned standouts "Try Me Out Sometime" and "I Don't Really Wanna Be Social" are the most candy-coated – others, like "Pick A Fight” and "Blown Fuse," forge a bit of a harder edge. Guitars chug and drums rattle ably, but with few frills, putting much of the focus on Ryan Lindsey's snotty vocal snarl and squalid punk lyricism.


What people are saying:


"[Broncho] combines the best elements of [’70s punk] and [new-school garage]: raw guitar chords and energy, plus DIY sentiment, but with hi-fi production." -NPR


"Harkening back to punk rock’s glory days of the ’70s, Oklahoma outfit BRONCHO captures the aggression, DIY authenticity and youthful exhilaration of a bygone era and then drags it by the hair into the Here and Now, creating a fresh sound that’s unlike anything being played today." -Filter Magazine

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