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Top Bishop Sports Some Rockin' Kicks
Cue the analysis of a religious figure wearing bright red shoes.

Milwaukee Archbishop Jerome Listecki

We got a few negative reactions to our recent Best Of item awarding Gov. Scott Walker a plaudit for his crisply pleated pants. Some objected that we were missing the forest for the trees. One guy said we were overlooking the plight of the poor in the city, and he might even have accused us of naval-gazing had our lens not been aimed a bit ... lower. Well, you guys, here's the archbishop putting on some tennis shoes, and we think he deserves a clap on the back as well, because he's picked out some awfully sharp kicks. Fearless, that's our motto.

The archdiocese is planning a walk and fundraiser for Catholic schools in the area to begin at Mount Mary University this Saturday. About 7,000 students, parents and alumni will be participating. The schools appear interested in continuing the "Soles for Catholic Education" event as an annual thing, and you can see why. According to the website, walkers have already raised over $222,600. That's enough for a few new teachers.

For much, much more on the city's religious landscape, there's always our "The New Faith" feature, which monopolized my Sundays for about three months.

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