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Morning Links for October 29, 2013
The Jonas Brothers, unwanted belly rubs, and Hurricane Sandy -- one year later.
This is a day for pounding coffee. Bad smells, the Jonas Brothers, bad smells, and unwanted belly rubs. Start reading now:

  • The Los Angeles Times offered some “things to ponder” one year after Hurricane Sandy ravaged the East Coast. One is whether the storm was a “fluke” or the signal of a weather pattern associated with global warming.
  • Take another swig of coffee, folks. Our sad news of the morning is the end of the Jonas Brothers. The Fab Three announced that they are, alas, breaking up.
  • A Pennsylvania woman is pressing charges against a man who rubbed her pregnant belly. Reacting against "unwanted tummy rubs," the woman is charging harrassment.
  • The other day, when I was at brunch, my friend asked me to "pass the sriracha." The potent sauce named after a city in Thailand zests everything from eggs to Vietnamese pho (soup). But some residents of Irwindale, California, say the sauce is ruining their lives. Why? It's the "powerful, painful" odor coming from the production facility.
  • It may take another 12 hours to sink in, but it's reality: Snooki has been eliminated from "Dancing With the Stars." Indeed, this day could not get sadder.

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