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Surf's Up
Towering waves predicted on Lake Michigan.
In addition to preempting the nation's presidential campaign, grounding about 9,000 flights and threatening the safety and property of millions, Hurricane Sandy is expected to roil the waters of Lake Michigan tomorrow.

A National Weather Service warning for gale winds kicks in at 3 a.m. tonight, and waves off the Milwaukee coast are expected to range between 14 and 17 feet, kicked up by gusts approaching 60 m.p.h. Even higher waves could land north of Milwaukee, near Sheboygan, and on the southeastern shore of the lake. Waves aren't expected to subside completely until Friday, according to the NWS.

The heat map below shows the weather service's wave predictions for 2 p.m. Tuesday, when the hurricane's Midwestern effects will be near their peak.

Piers surrounding the city will be hazardous until Sandy passes.

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