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Morning Links for Oct. 28, 2013
Get your Monday links right here.
It's a Monday, Milwaukee. You know the drill.

  • I-794 is going to be undergoing some major construction over the next two years. WUWM has a handy map telling you what will be closed when.
  • The Journal Sentinel reported late last week that the current operator of the Milwaukee County Transit System will continue to run the system for another year – as a few lawsuits work their way through the system.
  • The dominoes continue to fall in the alleged NSA spying. The most recent country to take note is Spain, and the U.S. Ambassador has been summoned to Madrid.
  • The new Bucks floor might be too slick for its own good. The preseason game between the Bucks and Toronto Raptors was canceled because the floor was deemed too slippery.

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