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You Voted, We Voted
And the winners of the Style Games are...

With more than 8,000 votes in two weeks (yes, 8,000!), we were stunned by the amount of support for our fiercely fashionable community. So much so that we had to pick two winners: the editors' choice, and the winner of the popular vote. All of the photos were stunning and conveyed hugely successful team efforts. Congratulations to all who participated; you made the Milwaukee fashion scene proud. 

The winning teams will be featured in a photo shoot and interview with the Fashionista to talk shop on just how they put together these looks. This will give them a chance to showcase their undeniable talent when it comes to styling, makeup, hair, and photography. We're already looking forward to next year. 

And as for those winners...

Editor's Choice: 
GG Collections Boutique and NNI Salon and Spa.

Model: Heather Stern
Hair and Makeup: Valbona Zejneli
Photographer: Scott Detweiler

The People's Choice: DG Boutique and Accessories and The Regency Institute.

Model: Sue Keup
Hair Stylist: Emmy Mignonne
Wardrobe Stylist/Designer: Diana Gamboa
Photographer: Cory Albrechtson 

See all of the entries for the 2012 Style Games here. And a full list of participants is below. 

  • Westbrook Gallery/WELL Spa + Salon 
  • SHOP/The Establishment
  • Goldi's/Evolution Salon & Spa
  • Next Door/Carenza
  • Boutique Larrieux/Rosalee Salon
  • DG Boutique & Accessories/The Regency Institute
  • Fred Boutique/Glow Salon 
  • Stephanie Horne Boutique/Azana Salon & Spa
  • Boutique B'Lou/Neroli
  • GG Collections Boutique/NNI Salon & Spa
Main photo by Adam Ryan Morris. 

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