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Yard Sign Wrangle
Son of anti-bullying legislator attacked.

Sean Kedzie

Whitewater police are investigating an assault on the son of a Republican state senator who helped to write a new state law requiring schools to enact anti-bullying policies.

State Sen. Neal Kedzie (R-Elkhorn) says his son Sean Kedzie awoke on Friday morning to the sounds of someone removing a Mitt Romney/Paul Ryan yard sign from his front lawn in Whitewater. When he confronted the two men, one of them returned the placard to him, but the other "attacked Sean without warning."

Kedzie the legislator describes the attack in a statement:

Sean was wrestled to the ground by both persons, held down by a constricting choke-hold and struck repeatedly about the face and head. He nearly passed out from the choke-hold and suffered contusions to his face and eyes. Fortunately, an alert neighbor heard the commotion, scared the individuals away and called the police. My wife and I were awakened by a telephone call from Sean's roommate that Sean had been taken by ambulance to Fort Atkinson Memorial Hospital. Sean was treated for his injuries and released from the hospital the same day.

The attackers remain at large.

Kedzie wrote a column for the Journal Sentinel in 2010, on his campaign against bullying in schools.

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Jay_Warner Posted: 10/24/2012 5:00:10 PM
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I guess the 'word' about not bullying hasn't yet got around to all the places it needs to. Some people may want to make a political thing of this – "they" are harassing us – but aside from possible motivations of the perps, the real issue is how do we reduce the amount of, and frequency of resort to, violence to express opinions. I hope the perps end up doing time, and that we all find out about it.
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