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Randy Hopper Arrested
Former state senator spends a night in jail.
Former state senator Randy Hopper was arrested last night on charges of drunken driving, disorderly conduct related to domestic violence and criminal trespassing, the Sheboygan Press is reporting.

After leaving the statehouse, Hopper took a job as executive director of the Sheboygan County Economic Development Corp. Hopper lost a recall election in 2011 to Democrat Jessica King.

Sheriff's deputies arrested Hopper, 46, after responding to his ex-wife's home in Fond du Lac, according to the newspaper. He posted bond and was released this morning.

During the recall drive against Hopper, his estranged wife sent a letter to news outlets describing an affair between Hopper and a 25-year-old Republican aide. The letter said Hopper was living "mostly in Madison."

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