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Top 10 Picks for September 2013
It was a great month in music, and we highlight the 10 best moments.

10. Call Me Lightning will release a new album.

This is a picture of Shane Hochstetler’s hand holding what is ostensibly the final mix of a new Call Me Lightning album called Human Hell. The band has not released anything since 2010’s When I Am Gone My Blood Will Be Free. No release date for Human Hell has been announced.

9. Herman Astro performs on Fox News.

Milwaukee’s Fox 6 News hosted the soulful rock band as part of its new “Studio A” program, a local culture feature which hopes to keep viewers in tune with Milwaukee music. Despite some spotty sound, Herman Astro eases through a sunny shuffle and looks good doing it. The band is currently on tour.  

8. Eric & Magill release video for “Psycho.”

Grainy cartoon footage swirls with science-class psychedelia in this video for the bubbling, bursting “Psycho” off the duo’s new album, Night Singers. Despite living on different continents, band mates Ryan Weber and Eric Osterman always find a way to make it work: they both appear in the video via webcam. In other E & M related-news, the band was Rolling Stone’s “Band of the Day” on Sept. 9.  

7. Old Earth releases new track: “Stricture Gives Way,” all the way from Scotland.

While touring Scotland, Todd Umhoeffer took time out to breathe life into another husk of moody folk. “Stricture Gives Way” (http://oldearthcontact.bandcamp.com/track/stricture-gives-way) is a tense six-and-a-half minutes of airy guitar and dark, subterranean feedback that finally subsides into a restless fog of noise. Expect to hear more from Old Earth next month – Umhoeffer this week announced a new project called All Kill that will feature members of Field Report and Altos. 

6. Fable And The World Flat release video for “Soliloquy In Symphony.”

A gang of skaters and cyclists cruise Milwaukee’s industrial districts and join a group of neon-clad girls for a mystical bonfire in this beautifully shot video produced by Fresh Cut Collective. The track is from Fable’s The Great Attractor, released in April, and the restless band has already readied a follow-up: Dark Flow was released at Hotel Foster.

5. Like Like The The The Death release new track: “Cry Tag.”

Urgent, damaged, and catchy, “Cry Tag” will make you forget about that clumsy new Pixies EP real quick. It’s the second song we’ve heard from the band’s new album Cave Jenny, and it’s making us very excited. Cave Jenny is out digitally next month via Latest Flame Records. A vinyl will follow in November.

4. Juniper Tar goes, Absolutely stays.

The Milwaukee music scene almost lost two of its best bands to Colorado this month.  Juniper Tar’s Jayson Mohr accepted a job with Colorado Public Radio, and the local staples called it quits on Sept. 21 with a farewell show at Linneman’s. With last year’s Hotel Foster residency and its involvement in the Stephen Foster Project at Alverno College, Juniper Tar leaves a bonafide legacy – not to mention a lot of good music – in its wake. Absolutely also announced its end this month, but happily reversed that decision when drummer Andy Grygiel ended up not going to Denver. Absolutely will open for Joan Of Arc Oct. 2 at Cactus Club. 

3. The Delphines cover The Stooges’ “Shake Appeal.”

The local four-piece recorded a charred version of the Stooges’ classic as part of the release of Tomorrow City, a new novel by Virginia author Kirk Kjeldsen. On top of being another perfectly twisted bit of garage rock, every 500 downloads of the track provided an underprivileged Chinese child with a year of eye care and schooling. 5,000 downloads later, ten children will benefit from the efforts of Kjeldsen and The ‘Phines.

 2. Volcano Choir performs “Byegone” on Fallon.

Justin Vernon has deflected most of the praise for Volcano Choir’s Repave away from himself and onto his band-mates (they write the songs – he just sings them), but he stole the show in a nationally televised performance, gesticulating like a half-baked preacher from behind a weird, mossy pulpit. See it for yourself tomorrow at The Pabst.

1. The Fatty Acids release Boléro at The Pabst.

In hundreds of years, when historians look back on Milwaukee in 2013 and its brilliant little music scene, the image of six grown men sweating through skin suits at the foot of a towering Aaron Rodgers effigy will almost certainly be remembered as a high point. For the Fatty Acids themselves, the Sept. 6 release of Boléro at The Pabst was career-defining: “This weekend was the pinnacle of our summer, our year, and our existence as a band,” the band said in a Facebook post. “A music scene as friendly, fun, and talent-filled as Milwaukee’s is hard to come by. We are so lucky to be a part of it.” And it is lucky to have them.

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