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You Can Now Bribe Someone for a Date
Isn't technology charming?

Image, of course, via Shutterstock. 

Are you tired of courting? Are you tired of getting to know someone before dating them? Does "messaging and hoping" discourage you entirely from entering the dating market? Carrot Dating, a new app available on Android and iPhone, is here to help. How? Simple bribery, folks. 

According to a release, Carrot Dating provides the opportunity for men and women to be "
tempted with offers such as a free meal or a tank of gas for a 'yes'." So if you, you sad single sap, thought probing questions, receptive listening and keeping an open mind were the magical tricks to holding a successful conversation, we're here to tell you that you're completely wrong. Because, as any dog, ferret or hamster would tell you, "gifts are the greatest ice breaker."  

Now, this might be cutting into the Sugar Baby/Daddy market, but that's called disruption, folks, and it's rampant in the Valley. 
Don't worry too much about the sugar daddies who now have to compete with every other carrot-dangling schmuck, the founder of Carrot Dating, MIT-grad Brandon Wade, also founded SeekingArrangements.com (in addition to WhatsYourPrice.com, in which you can bid to date another human being) and is sure to keep everyone, no matter what form of payment they use for human interaction, happy. After all, Wade's mother told him "once he was successful and had the resources to be generous, he could turn the dating game in his favor." So he likely won't be shuttering any of his pay-for-attention sites any time soon. 

If there's something you can take away from this, we hope it's this: "From flowers to jewelry, there's a bribe for everyone's budget." 

And in other news, the apocalypse is here. 

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