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Custom Lip Gloss in Milwaukee?
It's true. A look at the local makeup artist creating the covetable beauty staple.

"Thank you for calling Bobbi Brown, this is Michael Weiss. How may I help you?"

"Hi, this is Bobbi Brown."

Makeup artist Michael Weiss started his early career at the makeup counter. He always had a love for art, which helped him transition into becoming a skilled makeup artist. Now working at Lash Boutique in Brookfield, Michael is painting faces every day with one of his favorite makeup brands, Kevyn Aucoin. 

I decided to pay him a visit last week, and asked him to "play" with some fun makeup ideas. While he can contour and highlight a face like nobody's business, we decided to forgo the safe route of a traditional smokey eye and play with makeup in an unconventional way. Michael showed me different ways to play up a lip with a lipstick and brown eye pencil, which created this amazing burnt ombre effect.

Then he whips out a green lipgloss. Yes, green. I was a bit skeptical, and he laughed at my reaction when he told me it was a color he made, dubbed "FemAlien". It certainly was the alien-like.

 He proudly put the green gloss over my burnt ombre lip and the effect was stunning. He explained that the green gloss cools down lip colors, and doesn't actually turn you green. So say you have a bright lip color you love but it isn't quite transitioning into fall - you can pop some green gloss over it to take the brightness down a few levels. It also gives off a cool golden glow that I grew very fond of. The photo above is actually with the green gloss already on. 

Michael explains that he loves using makeup in ways you wouldn't expect, whether it's a green lip gloss or a blush for eye shadow. Using makeup in a way you wouldn't expect opens the door for a lot of creativity, as you're forced to try something new and step outside your comfort zone.

Weiss doing what he does best. 

As I was getting ready to leave, he hands me a bright pink lip gloss (my favorite color!) with a photo of my face and Lynee Fashionista's Fall printed on the tube. Honestly, it was one of the coolest things I've unexpectedly received. Michael tells me that he can custom make any lip color, and give it whatever name you like. He even lightly scents the gloss with a scent of your choice. I also eyed another gloss named "Pink October" for Breast Cancer month in partnership with Susan G. Komen. The glosses sell for $20 and are only available at Lash Boutique.

Did I leave with anything else? I decided I couldn't live without the green FemAlien gloss, and wanted to get a kick out of the reactions when I whip it out in public.  Plus, now I can still waer my favorite bright bubblegum colors from this summer. 

Oh, and why did Bobbi Brown call Michael? Well, I think you should pay him a visit and get the whole story straight from the source.

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