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Social Media Baby
Tim Cigelske’s day-old baby has more social media accounts than you.

It’s just like that “Dear Sophie” Google ad, where the dad writes emails to his adorable baby and everybody watching cries, but in real life. You might know him as the Beer Runner or the voice behind Marquette University’s social media accounts, but Milwaukee dad Tim Cigelske is also behind his children’s social media presences, the youngest of which was born yesterday and has around 40 followers on Twitter. Cigelske says he got the idea from a colleague and uses the accounts as a convenient way to chronicle his children’s childhoods. And his kids aren’t alone, as a 2010 study found 7 percent of babies and toddlers have their own email addresses and 92 percent have some sort of digital footprint by the age of two -- likely the result of a trend among new parents determined on snagging baby’s @firstnamelastname Twitter handle. While that’s not Cigelske’s concern, he says he also created the accounts to avoid annoying social media friends and followers who aren’t fans of parental over-sharing. “It's kind of like an opt-in for baby photos,“ he says. At press time, Cigelske’s baby, Xavier, has tweeted his agenda for today: “more eating, sleeping and pooping.”

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