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Morning Links for Oct. 16, 2013
Trust us, you'll want to hear Mexico's soccer announcers.

Whether you want to rent or own, you'll find something worth clicking on. Special appearance by Mexican soccer announcers.

  • Enterprise Rent-A-Car might have to change its name. The company made a rumble Tuesday by saying it would start renting Harley-Davidson motorcycles, the first major car rental company to do so. USA Today reports that Enterprise is starting off by doing so in Vegas. Time will tell whether this another idea that happens in Vegas and stays there.
  • U.S. Bank was already facing a federal lawsuit alleging discrimination with regards to foreclosed homes. Now, some Milwaukee homes are have become part of that lawsuit. Milwaukee Neighborhood News Service has more details, including U.S. Bank's characterization of the lawsuit's claims as "inaccurate" and Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett praising the bank.
  • Think of it as a modern-day version of the old Bookmobiles, only without the wheels and much longer hours. Milwaukee Public Library announced its new 24-hour Express Vending Library system, basically a Redbox for books. It's expected to debut as soon as November, and the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel has more details.
  • Promises of being tough on crime and working closely with law enforcement? Yes, someone's running for state attorney general. The newest hopeful is Democratic state Rep. Jon Richards. WisPolitics has a brief.
  • And finally, this will surely help U.S.-Mexican relations. Mexico's hopes for a 2014 World Cup soccer berth are still alive, but only because of a big assist from a U.S. team that's already qualified. U.S.-Panama relations, however, may have taken a hit. ESPN.com has the story and highlights. And check out how the development was greeted by Mexico's broadcasters. You need not speak the language nor be a soccer fan to understand.

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