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Morning Links for Oct. 15, 2013
All the news that's fit to link.
The shutdown drags on, but Wisconsin's got a budget surplus. Say what? Read on. 

  • The New York Times has a stunning graphical story on Russia towns essentially forgotten by time, technology and Russian state leaders. 

  • Politico says legislators are "on the cusp" of a deal to end the shutdown that is now in its 15th day.  

  • The state's surplus is now more than $750 million, which, the Journal Sentinel says, strengthens the Walker administration's case for a property tax cut. 

  • State leaders are encouraging students to choose careers in manufacturing, saying the industry is vital to the state's economy. Walker and the Wisconsin Chamber of Commerce are doing so on something they've dubbed the "Heavy Metal Bus Tour." 

  • Burberry's CEO Angela Ahrendts is heading to Apple, so Burberry tapped its designer Christopher Bailey to head the company. 

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