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Winner of Everyday Superhero Contest Revealed
It's Canadian Captain America.
It’s a bird….it’s a plane… it’s Paul Connors, of Vancouver, British Columbia – winner of BuyCostume.com’s Everyday Superhero contest. Paul was caped with this coveted distinction last week after accumulating the highest number of votes at BuyCostume.com’s Facebook page. To learn more about the contest, see my post last week.

We chatted via phone so I could learn more about his heroic tendencies.

Girl About Town: How did you hear about the contest?

Paul Connors: I’ve been a loyal customer of BuyCostumes.com for a while now. They have a great selection and their prices are always fair. I purchase a lot of different costumes for Halloween and to wear when I go to comic conventions.

I have racked up so many costumes over the years. I have donated some, but there are a few of my favorites that I keep like Captain America, Batman and the Green Ranger from "The Power Rangers" – a show I loved as a kid. As you saw, I wore the Captain America one for the contest.

GAT: What heroic deeds you do on a normal basis?

PC: I feel like I bring a lot more attention to important things when I show up in a costume. A few years ago, I started making appearances at gatherings and protests. People really respond to the presence of a costumed superhero. I also showed up at a superhero ball last year for our local children’s hospital and took pictures with kids.

I’ve been toying around with the idea of starting a costume group with some friends to show up at charity events for kids – it really makes them smile and it’s so fun for us to see that.

GAT: What’s your motivation to help others and act like a hero?

PC: I’ve been a fan of superheroes since I was really little. Now they are more popular than ever with all the new movies; it’s not just something for geeks anymore.  Everyone seems to love it when they see a guy dressed up like a superhero. Now that I am a little older and can fill out the costumes, I like to get into character and bring attention to certain issues. I enjoy being helpful and like the idea of being an inspiration for others.

GAT: What type of reaction do you get from others?

PC: I have received an overwhelming amount of support. Social media helped me reach many people to show them what I was doing and to accumulate all the votes to win the contest. It can be easily construed at silly, but overall, I’ve gotten an incredibly positive response.

GAT: What will you do with your prize of $1,000 and a closet full of  costumes?

PC: Well, I plan on being smart with the cash. It’s going right into the bank so I don’t splurge. With Christmas right around the corner, I want to buy some nice gifts for my family and friends. I will probably order some new costumes for me and me girlfriend for Halloween. And I am hoping to get my hands on a Superman costume, with the movie Man of Steel out this year, I think it’s going be really popular. Also, I will need to buy some new costumes if we are able to start the Superhero Society of Vancouver that I mentioned earlier.

Hopefully Paul will serve as inspiration to channel your inner superhero. Cape or not, he shows that it’s easy to impact others and your community.

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