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The Morning Links for Oct. 14, 2013
Electric power, sneaky pay raises and the ongoing debt ceiling crisis.
Event though the weather is cool, but the links are still hot.

  • Kelly Dwyer, 27, has been missing since Friday, reports WTMJ4. She stayed at her boyfriend’s house on Thursday night after going out for drinks and did not show up for work on Friday. She has not been seen since.
  • WE Energies is losing a customer in Michigan, and it might be because Michigan is one of the states that allows competition in the power market.
  • The JS reports that three more state workers have received large pay raises – up to $14,000 – after getting phantom job transfers. This sneaky tactic circumvents state limits.
  • Despite warnings from international organizations that a U.S. default could force the global economy into a recession, lawmakers are no closer to a resolution.

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