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Ryan's Six Studies
Where they came from, what they said.
Last night, when Paul Ryan said there were "six studies" to prove that Romney's plan of lowering tax rates 20 percent across the board -- and paying for the cuts by eliminating tax loopholes -- he was sticking his neck out pretty far.

Ryan: "What we're saying is lower tax rates 20 percent, start with the wealthy, work with Congress to do it ... "

Martha Raddatz: "You guarantee this math will add up."

"Absolutely. Six studies have guaranteed. Six studies have verified that this math adds up."

This afternoon, the fact check is in, courtesy of
The Atlantic, which concludes, "Romney's plan only works if you assume he has a different plan or use a magic growth asterisk."

The magazine sorts through the reports one-by-one, and the results are not as definitive as Ryan suggested. (Most of the "studies," it turns out, were blog posts.)

Politifact, of course, is doing its own checking of the VP face-off.

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