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Morning Links for Oct. 1, 2013
There's actually quite a bit to read about today.
We've got a whopper of a Morning Links post so grab your caffeine and reading glasses now. 
  • The federal government has shut down, so happy Tuesday. What does it mean? 800,000 workers will likely be furloughed and more than a million will be asked to work without pay. It also means the National Zoo's panda cam will be shut off and all author events at the Library of Congress will be canceled indefinitely. The Journal Sentinel has a rundown of what this means for Wisconsinites and, in short, the answer is: not much. 
  • While the Milwaukee Film Fest rages on, the local A.V. Club has helpfully compiled a list of great East Side deals to indulge in while you're galavanting around between films. 
  • Even though the government shut down today, the health insurance marketplace - mandated under Obamacare - has opened. One of the most prominent criticisms of the law is that it is difficult it is to understand, so here are six Wisconsin-based organizations who have received federal subsidies to explain (even in-person!) how to sign up for one of these marketplace plans. 
  • A friendly reminder: The Wisconsin Supreme Court will hear arguments about the state's domestic partner registry on Oct. 23. Why? In 2010 conservative members of the group Wisconsin Family Action sued the state, claiming the domestic partner registry violates Wisconsin's constitutional amendment banning gay marriage and similar relationships. A state appeals court then upheld the registry. 

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