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Morning Links for Oct. 10, 2013
Kanye West, a well-groomed lawn, and a legally dead man who's alive.

Wake up late? Hey, we do sometimes. But you still gotta shower, brush your teeth, and read Morning Links:

  • At least somebody’s thinking about the grass. One Chris Cox, of South Carolina, brought his lawn mower and leaf blower to the nation’s Capitol to attend to the lawns neglected during the partial government shutdown. Gotta keep that Lincoln Memorial looking groomed.
  • An Ohio man has been declared legally dead. Only he’s, um, very much alive. Despite the fact that the man was seated in a courtroom hoping to overturn his “legal death ruling," the man has lost both his social security number and his driver’s license.

  • Relatives and friends of a San Francisco General Hospital patient, who disappeared from her room and was found dead in hospital stairwell more than two weeks later, want answers. Lynne Spalding was admitted to the hospital for a bladder or urinary tract infection, and was reported missing from her room two days later.

  • If you aren't tired of Kanye West, you might be tickled to know that the rapper -- and sire of Kim Kardashian's baby -- made his appearance on last night's "Jimmy Kimmel Live." West spouted off about the media, but would his girlfriend be what she is without the media?

  • Researchers now say it's possible to be obese and healthy. The authors of a Harvard University study call it "metabolically healthy obesity." Who knew?



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