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It Takes a City to Raise A Designer
How "Project Runway" designer Miranda got Milwaukee involved to fund her collection.

This has been an exciting year for fashion in Milwaukee. I can't tell you how many times I've heard "I don't know what's happening here, but something is, and we are on the brink of something huge." I happen to agree.

One of my favorite fashion happenings was when two Milwaukee designers, Miranda Levy and Timothy Westbrook, made it onto season 12 of "Project Runway." I had the pleasure of being Miranda's personal hair stylist (for both her and her models), which led us to become friends. Watching her on this journey has been an honor, and I'm sure you're wondering what's next for this homegrown talent. 

Well, Miranda's turned to a Kickstarter to fund her 2014 clothing line. Her goal is to raise $5000 by November 1st to create the line, which will be shown in February 2014.  As of today, her campaign has received more than $2,200.

Why did Miranda turn to a Kickstarter? She says, "I turned to a Kickstarter because it's a way to get the community involved. Sometimes a person wants to help financially but can't contribute a lot, and with a Kickstarter that's OK!

"I wanted to give Milwaukee the opportunity to fund my next line rather than turn to just one business or backer for help. They say it takes a city to raise a child, I'm thinking about it from that perspective -I know that it takes a city to really 'make' a fashion designer.

Like many Kickstarers projects, certain pledge amounts include prizes, in this case, we're talking about custom scarves, purses and sewing lessons.

"I didn't get where I am without the support of this great city," she says. 

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