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April 2014

Dream Homes
Let your imagination run wild.
By sara rae lancaster
The Grudge Won't Budge
The curious history of Milwaukee County government. The people, the pension scandal and the reforms.

House of Cords
A current of contentment runs through Florentine Opera’s Riverwest headquarters and its “casa” of young stars-in-training. You might call this a musical movement.

Second Fiddle
A thoughtful conversation – conducted at arm’s length – with the anonymous owner of the Lipinski Stradivarius.

Getting a handle on the “city” Twitter account that isn’t what it seems.

The In Crowd

Way of the Dragon
Both hipsters and Taiwanese manufacturers benefit from the rise in handcrafted bikes.

Hey, Gimme Back My Refund!
A pricey new system hopes to stop impersonators from stealing
millions in tax refunds.

Field Work
WUWM reporter Susan Bence took the long way to her dream job.

Dramatic Achromatics
The new neutrals are amped up with splashes of metallics and pastels. Get on board.

The Brain Trust
How the Wisconsin Parkinson Association’s research institute makes it easy to donate your brain to science.

A Great Lake Diminished
Stressors plague our Great Lake. Some day, will it roar no more?  

Musical Chairs
Local outfit Animals in Human Attire has painted a frenetic rainbow of rock stylings with its latest album.

School of Sauce
In the name of all things classic Italian comes Little DeMarinis, an homage to a beloved Bay View pizzeria.

Trial By Curry
In a jury of your peers, you’ve been found guilty of loving Thai food. Your sentence is to visit Jownai Fouquet.

Chefrigerator: Zach Espinoza
Bivalves and branzino are among the fresh catches on Zach Espinosa’s menu at Harbor House. But they’re not in the fridge he shares with his wife, Katie, the GM at fellow Bartolotta restaurant Bacchus. Nope, not a fin to be found.
Point of View

Bob Reitman
The times they are a-changin’. Bob Reitman reflects on nearly 50 years in radio.
More photos of the city's bike artisans. 

Old-timey brewery photos from Brewing in Milwaukee. 

Get A Curry On 
There's a new Thai joint on the block. 

That Little Pizza Place 
Some drool-worthy photos from Bay View's Little DeMarinis 

Home Dream Home 
If you can't buy, window shop. 

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