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April 2013

Best Places to Live
From Lac La Belle to Washington Heights, featuring lakefront mansions to fixer-uppers, 20 neighborhoods stand at the vanguard of a resurgent housing market.
The New Faith
More Muslims than Jews. A nondenominational frenzy. A city brought up on Catholicism and the Lutheran way is reinterpreting its relationship with God.

Goldin Boy
E-books are changing the way we read. Even Barnes & Noble is struggling to keep up. But one local independent bookseller has become a part of Milwaukee’s literary scene while making an impact on a national scale.

An Equation for Success
Keeping super-smart high school students challenged in the classroom has become a nationwide goal. Locally, one high school may have found an answer to the problem.


Game of Chance
Native American tribes are pushing the largest gaming expansion in a decade.

River Friends
Why the return of otters to the lower Milwaukee River is good news for all species.

Wide Ride
Rain? Snow? Ankle-deep mud? Such is child's play to the fat bike.

Life of the Party
As a Mequon party planner rubbed elbows with the famous and powerful, he made more than a few mental notes.

Emerald Envy
Head to toe. Pantone's gem-inspired color of the year adds a rich pop of pigment to any outfit.

Sexual Healing
Certified sex therapists help couples with their most intimate issues.


Moving Forward
How Wisconsin trails the nation when it comes to one equal-rights issue.
Animal House
A quirky local band blends more than the recommended amount of humor with its indie-pop sound.


American Pie
The East Side's sleeper Sicilian adds a plum pizza to its repertoire.

Peru to You
What's better than Machu Picchu on a Monday? A meal at Chez Paz.

Second Place
Colorful chef Michael Feker spreads his culinary catechism across town to the Knickerbocker Hotel.

Point of View

Queen of Downtown
The mic belongs to urban envoy Beth (nee Nicols) Weirick.
On newsstands and online April 2

Online and on newsstands April 29
Ethereal takes of Milwaukee's faithful.
Bite into more of Sala's cheesy creations.

Check out behind-the-scenes photos of our shoot with the Fatty Acids.

See Beth Weirick in the neighborhood she loves.
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