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Mount Mary College

Catholic women's college that regularly features visual and performing arts events. Venues include the Marian Art Gallery.

2900 North Menomonee River Parkway
Milwaukee WI 53222
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Phone: (414) 258-4810

Upcoming Events at Mount Mary College
Event NameTypeDate
Draw Your Soul

The Mount Mary community celebrates the soul in this collaborative exhibit. Soul music and soul food will get you in the mood that celebrates "soulful" interpretations by the MMU family....More
Art10/9 - 10/31
Publishing Institute

This event features panel discussion, sessions with authors, one-on-one sessions with agents, author readings, and keynote by Bret Anthony Johnston, director of creative writing at Harvard University and award-winning author....More
Best In Show!
Evoke Style with Mount Mary College  
Fashion Farm Boy  | Bjorn Nasett  | 5/30/2012