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Third Ward fires, Google's Vintage Street Views and the President's trip to Asia.
What do Brett Hulsey and 96,000 pounds of hot dogs have in common?
Better to be harsh and involved than distant.
Tom Petri, David Axelrod and an Everest disaster.
Tainted drinking water, a "Mrs. Doubtfire" sequel, and ooey-gooey Cadbury Eggs!
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For Love & Money
POSTED 3/5/2014

Natural Selection
POSTED 1/3/2014

Covered Up Cover
POSTED 3/12/2014

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Raw Deal
POSTED 3/10/2014

Abandoned Dreams
POSTED 1/22/2014

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Foundations Juried Exhibition
4/7/2014 - 4/27/2014
Milwaukee institute of Art & Design
273 East Erie Street Milwaukee
Ain't Misbehavin'
3/14/2014 - 5/18/2014

108 E. Wells St. Milwaukee
Exhibit: Handmade for Hard Times: The Milwaukee Handicraft Project
3/28/2014 - 6/15/2014

205 Veterans Avenue West Bend, WI
Home Dream Home Get A Curry On The New Cycle

Dish On Dining
Hinterland's Special Brunch
The Third Ward restaurant opens on a Sunday morning, but only during MKE Beer Week.
POSTED 4/23/2014 | By Ann Christenson

The Fashionista
Everything You Wantable
The Fashionista gives the local subscription box service a try.
POSTED 4/21/2014 | By Lynee Ruiz

Dish On Dining
New Menu at Wolf Peach
A spring menu roll-out at the Brewers Hill restaurant.
POSTED 4/23/2014 | By Ann Christenson

Leaning Building on Water
Good news: It’s not just the beer, and you’re not seeing things.
POSTED 4/22/2014 | By Aimee Robinson

Why Super Mario 3 Is Still the Bee's Knees
10 sources make grand claims about the NES darling.
POSTED 4/22/2014 | By Matt Hrodey

Dish On Dining
New Gelato Shop in (Where Else?) Bay View
The new Cream City Swirls serves up crepes and frozen yogurt, too.
POSTED 4/22/2014 | By Ann Christenson

Music Notes
S. Carey and Milwaukee Psych Fest
Plus more in this week's music roundup.
POSTED 4/21/2014 | By Kevin Mueller

On the Marquee for the Week of April 21, 2014
Stock up on that discount Easter candy and treat yourself to some movies this week.
POSTED 4/21/2014 | By Tom Fuchs

Dream Homes
A virtual “if-only” tour of some of the most spectacular, awesome, extraordinary houses in the metro area.

The Grudge Won't Budge
Once the model of a local government, Milwaukee County seems mired in an endless power struggle. Is the county beyond the point of repair? Or are the latest political dustups just a sign of history repeating itself?