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But were afraid to ask.
News from the Guv, dwindling college enrollment and the "blood" moon.
Bells, whistles, espresso and beer: It must be 4/14.
No, it's not your average Milwaukee Day.
Mike Ellis, Scott Brown and scorching laptops.
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For Love & Money
POSTED 3/5/2014

Natural Selection
POSTED 1/3/2014

Covered Up Cover
POSTED 3/12/2014

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Raw Deal
POSTED 3/10/2014

Abandoned Dreams
POSTED 1/22/2014

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Mayfair Easter Bunny
3/29/2014 - 4/19/2014
2500 N. Mayfair Road Wauwatosa
MYSO's Tuesday Night Jam Sessions!
9/3/2013 - 6/3/2014

926 E. Center St. Milwaukee
The Figure in Clay
3/15/2014 - 4/19/2014
Tory Folliard Gallery
233 N. Milwaukee St. Milwaukee
Home Dream Home Get A Curry On The New Cycle

On the Marquee for the week of April 14, 2014
A trio of new releases make this Friday look good.
POSTED 4/14/2014 | By Tom Fuchs

Music Notes
Tonight's Milwaukee Day Show and More
In this week's music roundup.
POSTED 4/14/2014 | By Kevin Mueller

O Hallowed Hall of Gaming
Classic PC and video game systems have been liberated from basement exile.
POSTED 4/12/2014 | By Matt Hrodey

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Reflecting on the effective horror flick Oculus.
POSTED 4/11/2014 | By Tom Fuchs

On the Marquee for the Week of April 7, 2014
Follow the yellow brick road to the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts this week for a major movie event.
POSTED 4/7/2014 | By Tom Fuchs

Winter is Coming
Captain America: The Winter Soldier continues Marvel's never-ending upward trend.
POSTED 4/4/2014 | By Tom Fuchs

Pressroom Buzz
A Marriage Made in Madison
Merging with The Progressive, the Center for Media and Democracy burrows more deeply into the media world.
POSTED 4/3/2014 | By Erik Gunn

Taken Aback by Pabst
A day at the Pabst site, cameras and pens in hand.
POSTED 4/3/2014 | By Aimee Robinson

Dream Homes
A virtual “if-only” tour of some of the most spectacular, awesome, extraordinary houses in the metro area.

The Grudge Won't Budge
Once the model of a local government, Milwaukee County seems mired in an endless power struggle. Is the county beyond the point of repair? Or are the latest political dustups just a sign of history repeating itself?