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Are Americans louder than the average Irishman?
Chipotle fans, ride sharing and legal fees.
Water Street artwork features the work of MIAD students
Gov. Walker takes a campaign risk, "Shark Tank" comes to Milwaukee, an alligator is found in Sheboygan, and more.
A Military War Dog reunited with his former Marine Corps handler, and now owner, after two treacherous tours to Afghanistan.
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Home Dream Home
POSTED 3/26/2014

The New Cycle
POSTED 3/26/2014

A Study In Contrasts
POSTED 6/26/2014

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Big Sean and Yo-Dot
POSTED 4/28/2014

Friday: Heading North
POSTED 3/28/2014

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Old World Apprentices Adventure Camp at Old World Wisconsin
7/21/2014 - 7/24/2014

W372 S9727 Hwy 67 Eagle
The Phantom of the Opera
7/23/2014 - 8/3/2014
Marcus Center for the Performing Arts
929 N. Water St. Milwaukee
Art Shay: Working
5/16/2014 - 8/17/2014
Milwaukee School of Engineering
1025 North Broadway St. Milwaukee
Raid the Cellar Thursdays
7/1/2014 - 8/26/2014

500 W Florida St Milwaukee

Music Notes
Who Knew
That's the title of Yo-Dot's latest, which features Prophetic. Listen here.
POSTED 7/22/2014 |  By Claire Hanan

On the Marquee for the Week of July 21, 2014
There are several Friday features coming your way this week.
POSTED 7/21/2014 |  By Tom Fuchs

'Sex Tape' Needs Cinematic Cialis
A-game supporting cast can’t save this faux-bawdy misfire.
POSTED 7/18/2014 |  By Tom Fuchs

The Daily Mil
Tackling Milwaukee’s Racial and Economic Disparity
Wisconsin’s biggest association of design professionals unveils a competition to fix inequality in America’s most segregated city.
POSTED 7/15/2014 |  By Matt Kulling

Dish On Dining
Brunching at Cafe Perrin
Would you like a little pork belly with that doughnut?
POSTED 7/17/2014 |  By Ann Christenson

Photo Gallery
'Greater Together' launches at City Hall
Wisconsin’s biggest association of design professionals unveils a competition to fix inequality in America’s most segregated city.
POSTED 7/16/2014 |  By Erin Gosch

Music Notes
Jackson Browne and Foreign Fields
This week in music.
POSTED 7/14/2014 |  By Kevin Mueller

And The Thunder Rolls
How to chase tornadoes without a pair of ruby slippers.
POSTED 6/30/2014 |  By Tim McCormick

On Common Grounds
On the same street where Milwaukee once condemned war, warriors now gather to bind up unseen wounds inside a caffeinated oasis called Dryhootch.

A Study in Contrasts
Democratic challenger Mary Burke couldn’t be more different than Scott Walker. That’s why she wants his job.
Union Man Green Living Lazy Susan