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A wedding dress, mattresses and the Silver Alert.
News on Wisconsin's economy, campaign season and the Packers.
Fraternity protest, plagiarism and Planned Parenthood.
A band breakup, bed bugs and cash for a new building.
Orgasms, protests, frat houses and soda pop.
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A House Divided
POSTED 7/7/2014

A Study In Contrasts
POSTED 6/26/2014

The Aftermath
POSTED 7/28/2014

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Wednesday: Gerardo's game
POSTED 8/6/2014

The Aftermath
POSTED 7/28/2014

VIA Downer Closing
POSTED 6/20/2014

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On the Marquee for the Week of Sept. 29, 2014
Oodles to take in alongside MFF2014 this week.
POSTED 9/30/2014 |  By Tom Fuchs

Brew City
Bottles and Taps
Honoring Sprecher, a Milwaukee Beer Society event, and more.
POSTED 9/29/2014 |  By Dan Murphy

Culture Club
Great American Stories
The Friday Five for September 26.
POSTED 9/26/2014 |  By Paul Kosidowski

Coping Mechanisms and Everyday Life
A candid conversation with 2014 Milwaukee Film Festival honoree and Oscar-nominated filmmaker, Debra Granik.
POSTED 9/25/2014 |  By Mack Bates

MFF2014 Vintage Festival Offerings
There are plenty of classic films to take in at the 2014 Milwaukee Film Festival.
POSTED 9/25/2014 |  By Tom Fuchs

Tom Fuchs’ Four to Watch For
A couple of caveats in preparation of Milwaukee's finest film event.
POSTED 9/23/2014 |  By Tom Fuchs

Feature Story
Handle with Care
Wisconsin’s 65-and-older population is booming. With so many issues surrounding senior care, it’s important you know what lies on the road ahead.
POSTED 8/25/2014 |  By Milwaukee Magazine Staff

On the Marquee for the Week of Sept. 22, 2014
Believe it or not, there’s more than just the MFF taking place this week.
POSTED 9/22/2014 |  By Tom Fuchs