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Tom Petri, David Axelrod and an Everest disaster.
Tainted drinking water, a "Mrs. Doubtfire" sequel, and ooey-gooey Cadbury Eggs!
The latest on toy claw machines, letters to suspects and upcoming “blood” moons.
But were afraid to ask.
News from the Guv, dwindling college enrollment and the "blood" moon.
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For Love & Money
POSTED 3/5/2014

Natural Selection
POSTED 1/3/2014

Covered Up Cover
POSTED 3/12/2014

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Raw Deal
POSTED 3/10/2014

Abandoned Dreams
POSTED 1/22/2014

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Shully's Flight Night

146 Green Bay Road Thiensville
MIAD 2014 Senior Exhibition
4/18/2014 - 5/10/2014
Milwaukee institute of Art & Design
273 East Erie Street Milwaukee
Skywaukee Walking Tour
11/30/2013 - 5/10/2014

161 W. Wisconsin Ave Milwaukee
Ain't Misbehavin'
3/14/2014 - 5/18/2014

108 E. Wells St. Milwaukee
Home Dream Home Get A Curry On The New Cycle

On the Marquee for the week of April 14, 2014
A trio of new releases that make this Friday look good.
POSTED 4/14/2014 | By Tom Fuchs

Music Notes
Tonight's Milwaukee Day Show and More
In this week's music roundup.
POSTED 4/14/2014 | By Kevin Mueller

O Hallowed Hall of Gaming
Classic PC and video game systems have been liberated from basement exile.
POSTED 4/12/2014 | By Matt Hrodey

Mirror Mirror on the Wall
Reflecting on the effective horror flick Oculus.
POSTED 4/11/2014 | By Tom Fuchs

On the Marquee for the Week of April 7, 2014
Follow the yellow brick road to the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts this week for a major movie event.
POSTED 4/7/2014 | By Tom Fuchs

Winter is Coming
Captain America: The Winter Soldier continues Marvel's never-ending upward trend.
POSTED 4/4/2014 | By Tom Fuchs

Pressroom Buzz
A Marriage Made in Madison
Merging with The Progressive, the Center for Media and Democracy burrows more deeply into the media world.
POSTED 4/3/2014 | By Erik Gunn

Taken Aback by Pabst
A day at the Pabst site, cameras and pens in hand.
POSTED 4/3/2014 | By Aimee Robinson

Dream Homes
A virtual “if-only” tour of some of the most spectacular, awesome, extraordinary houses in the metro area.

The Grudge Won't Budge
Once the model of a local government, Milwaukee County seems mired in an endless power struggle. Is the county beyond the point of repair? Or are the latest political dustups just a sign of history repeating itself?