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Bills, bills, bills.
News on Bob Donovan, Paul Ryan, Vernon Hershberger and Jordy Nelson.
New high-rise, Ismael Ozanne and creepy dolls.
A naked intruder, lost airplane, junky erotica and street festival.
Are Americans louder than the average Irishman?
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A Study In Contrasts
POSTED 6/26/2014

A House Divided
POSTED 7/7/2014

VIA Downer Closing
POSTED 6/20/2014

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Big Sean and Yo-Dot
POSTED 4/28/2014

Friday: On to Boston
POSTED 4/4/2014

The In Crowd
POSTED 4/1/2014

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Lucy in the sky With Mobsters
Scarlett Johansson carries the preposterous Lucy across the finish line.
POSTED 7/25/2014 |  By Tom Fuchs

Culture Jam MKE
A new addition to Friday’s Gallery Night showcases 40 local artists.
POSTED 7/24/2014 |  By Abby Kass

Web Feature
Shelter from the Storm
As thousands of children flee Central America for asylum in the U.S., Catholic Charities is preparing temporary housing for hundreds in Milwaukee.
POSTED 7/24/2014 |  By Dan Shafer

Music Notes
Who Knew
That's the title of Yo-Dot's latest, which features Prophetic. Listen here.
POSTED 7/22/2014 |  By Claire Hanan

The Daily Mil
Milwaukee Public Market Mural Unveiled
Water Street artwork features the work of MIAD students
POSTED 7/21/2014 |  By Abby Kass

Music Notes
Brady Street Fest and Jack White
Plus the ever-charming Michael Buble.
POSTED 7/21/2014 |  By Kevin Mueller

On the Marquee for the Week of July 21, 2014
There are several Friday features coming your way this week.
POSTED 7/21/2014 |  By Tom Fuchs

'Sex Tape' Needs Cinematic Cialis
A-game supporting cast can’t save this faux-bawdy misfire.
POSTED 7/18/2014 |  By Tom Fuchs

On Common Grounds
On the same street where Milwaukee once condemned war, warriors now gather to bind up unseen wounds inside a caffeinated oasis called Dryhootch.

A Study in Contrasts
Democratic challenger Mary Burke couldn’t be more different than Scott Walker. That’s why she wants his job.
Union Man Green Living Lazy Susan