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2/15/2014 - 1 day only
533 E. Center St
Milwaukee, WI 53212
(414) 263-4555

Venue: Mad Planet
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About Event
On February 15th, Steven Roth brings Orange County flavor (and hopefully weather) to Milwaukee to play a show full of quality folk rock fitting for Valentine's weekend with beloved locals Ugly Brothers and Thriftones. 

Roth’s approach likens his sound to the late 60’s rock wave of raw emotion and organic experimentation, but Roth adds a sharp edge of his own, making fresh incisions at will. Perhaps it’s his connection to the classics that explains why Roth was chosen to support ‘The Who‘ on the L.A. bill of their recent tour. Handpicked by rock icons Pete Townshend and Roger Daltrey, Roth was a worthy choice, making a Staples Center crowd of more than 15,000, rise to their feet. Debut album 'Let It In', released to high acclaim in January 2013, infuses classy savoir faire into vibrant rock

Ugly Brothers are no stranger to Mad Planet, having played shows with Treetop Flyers and The Lower 48. Their moniker works in the same way you might name a Great Dane "Tiny;" their grandiose folk instrumentation is far from ugly. Their substantial following says a lot when considering they have yet to release their debut album. 

Thriftones, the brain-child of Matthew Davies, are also no stranger to a devout local following. Their self-titled debut, released almost exactly a year ago, gained praise from OnMilwaukee, Milwaukee Journal Sentinal, (R.I.P.) A.V. Club Milwaukee, and pretty much any other music publication with the word "Milwaukee" in it. Piet Levy of the Journal Sentinel unwittingly brings this bill full circle when he links Thriftones' sound to the city in which Steven Roth resides in his review, calling it "folk rock fused with a retro rockabilly vibe, at home in a shadowy L.A. lounge, hipster hangout, or possibly a David Lynch or Quentin Tarantino flick." 

Check out the links below for more information on each band. 

Ugly Brothers Links: 
Express Milwaukee feature: http://expressmilwaukee.com/article-permalink-21852.html 
Website: http://uglybrothersmusic.com/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/UglyBrothersMKE 
"In the Park" Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8a0YR4W0vd0 

Steven Roth Links 
Just, you know, playing at Staples Center: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xDikl0TKB9c 
Website: http://www.stevenrothmusic.com/ 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/StevenRothMusic 
"Make You Love Me" - In the Backyard Sessions: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T_ZtrbpwnjU

Thriftones Links
OnMilwaukee Feature: http://onmilwaukee.com/music/articles/thriftones.html
Website: http://www.thriftones.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/THRIFTONES

Additional Info
9 pm doors, $7