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Wisconsin Pastel Artists
Starts: 1/17/2014 Ends: 4/13/2014
205 Veterans Ave
West Bend, WI 53095
(262) 334-9638

Venue: U.S. Cellular Arena
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About Event
Wisconsin Pastel Artists

On View Through April 13, 2014

Recognized for their brilliant hues and spontaneous style, pastels consist of a dry or powdered pigment held together by a binder. Most pastel artists trace their roots to the French Impressionists. Traditionally, art academies taught drawing as the preliminary framework for painting.  However, the Impressionists in the late nineteenth century experimented with ways to break with the established artistic order. These artists flouted traditional rules of composition and sought to express immediacy in their work by depicting subjects in real-time action.  The loose, organic style inherent to pastels facilitated their goals of capturing fleeting moments and conveying modernity.  Drawing became the objective, not merely the tool.  Édouard Manet, Mary Cassatt and, most notably, Edgar Degas helped advance pastels into a medium of its own.  

We welcome the Wisconsin Pastel Artists (WPA) to MOWA’s State Gallery as they share their craft, demonstrate its unique qualities, and forge the next chapter in this dynamic art form.

Artist Talk: Thursday, March 20 | 6:30

Artists Rhoda Tews and Darron Lillian