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New Exhibit:  "Andy Warhol: Ten Portraits of Jews of the Twentieth Century"
Starts: 12/15/2013 Ends: 3/30/2014
1360 N. Prospect Avenue
Milwaukee, WI 53202
(414) 390-5730


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About Event

Experience the color and “pop” of this unique suite of works that depicts noted individuals from various disciplines. These brightly-colored creations feature historical figures and renowned luminaries of Jewish culture. Andy Warhol’s large scale portraits allude to the grandiosity associated with fame while establishing an intimacy between subject and viewer.


Visit www.JewishMuseumMilwaukee.org for information about this exhibit and special exhibit programming.

Additional Info

Monday through Thursday, 10am - 4pm; Friday, 10am – 2pm; Sunday, 12pm – 4pm; closed Saturdays.