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Exposed! Harley-Davidson’s Lost Photographs 1915-1916
Starts: 10/18/2013 Ends: 1/1/2014
400 Canal St.
Milwaukee, WI 53201
(877) 436-8738

Venue: Harley-Davidson Museum
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About Event
Less than one year ago, two wooden boxes containing over 400 glass plate negatives from 1915-1916 turned up in storage at the Milwaukee County Historical Society. They were part of a larger collection of images that were transferred back to the Harley-Davidson Archives years earlier, and these new discoveries were then added to that collection. Exposed! Is a time capsule of growth and progress for the young company as it expanded its reach through advertising, racing, and connecting with its riders.

Additional Info
Regular Museum Admission applies. Hours are 10am-6pm daily and until 8pm on Thursdays.