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Klatsch Act
Coffee and scones at Whitefish Bay's new City Market.


Hungry Street
My power scone (mmm!) from City Market.

Whitefish Bay’s Silver Spring Drive (from Lake Michigan west to Santa Monica Boulevard) has a lot of retail, but not much to offer someone looking for a meal. So City Market’s (527 E. Silver Spring Dr.) long-awaited arrival couldn’t be more necessary. The spacious corner cafe has a busy wraparound sidewalk patio and plenty of tables indoors, as well. The dark-gray back room was where a few readers and laptop users were congregated when I stopped in. (The counter staff still needed to learn the ropes, and construction workers were dealing with a ceiling issue.) The menu will be very familiar, if things like power scone, granola and quiche mean anything to you. If you want something sweet and carb-y to go with your drink,  the cases are stocked with giant chocolate croissants, muffins, cookies, cakes, bars and the like. The cafe uses local roaster Stone Creek Coffee, which also has a location just steps from City Market on Silver Spring (601 E.). Between the Bruegger’s bagel shop, next door to Stone Creek, and City Market, this is where you're going to be heard if you're hungry – and Bayshore isn't yanking your chain.  

Simple Eating
Lime green, orange, yellow. Lake Geneva’s Simple Cafe isn’t afraid to make a statement with its choice of room colors (525 Broad St., 262-248-3556). Its founders are also not afraid to take on challenges. Tom Hartz and Young Cho are in the process of opening their Milwaukee cafe, inside the old Crank Daddy’s Bicycle Works (2108 N. Farwell Ave.). The partners rehabbed a former Napa Auto Parts building to create the Lake Geneva cafe, so renovation isn’t new to them. Cho says the Milwaukee location, which (like its sister) will serve strictly breakfast and lunch, will incorporate elements of LG’s menu – which includes apple crumble French toast, Korean breakfast bowl, fresh mozzarella sandwich, and grilled vegetable and tofu salad – but the Milwaukee expansion also gives them the chance to "push the envelope further," says Cho. The owners hope to open in October or November. In the meantime, visiting Simple’s colorful digs in Lake Geneva sounds pretty sweet, especially since Cho and Hartz also own the bakery next door – Sweet House of Madness (521 Broad St.). The elephant ear, blueberry cream danish and almond croissant are among their specialties.

The Dude Will Abide
When I saw the movie The Big Lebowski years ago, it really harshed my mellow. But I know The Dude – a.k.a., the slacker character played by Jeff Bridges – has a following. "Dudists," I’ve heard these fans called. Now, a couple of things you should know: This Coen brothers movie is the featured film at Friday’s Fish Fry and a Flick (Sept. 2 at Discovery World). So when you’re eating your beer-battered cod with fries and coleslaw, you can channel the Dude, bathrobe optional. The movie starts at dusk (8 p.m.-ish?), but the "retail bazaar" and food carts (Streetza Pizza, American Euros, Red Truck Sliders, etcetera) will start heating up at 5 p.m. Click here if you really must. 

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