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Still Life With Food
A Meritage moment, food truck familia, and chicken 'n waffles.

Summer McLovin 

As long as the calendar is open to “August,” it is still summer. Fix your eyes on the menu at Washington Heights’ Meritage and you’ll see stuff like strawberry and watermelon with Growing Power spinach; poached tuna lettuce tacos with roasted corn salsa; and grilled lamb kabobs with tahini chickpea salad, crispy lamb belly and feta-stuffed bread. If you’ve been to this low-key restaurant, you know Kelly will often run a special that makes it hard to stick to the regular menu. This week, it’s whiskey- and cola-glazed ham with apricot sauce and smoked hash browns stuffed with pork sausage and blue cheese. Am I the only starving one here? Entrées $14-$24. (5921 W. Vliet St., 414-479-0620)

Wheel and Eat
Mobility is my middle name. I will move for food. Actually, next week is a big event for edibles that come from non-stationary sources, shall we say. Mobile Day in Tosa is a hub for food trucks – and it’ll be a hub for hungry people next week. The magic day is August 18. The time? 11 a.m.-2 p.m. The location is the parking lot of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. The attendees are a who’s who of local trucks: American Euros, Big Frank’s Weiner Waggin’, Chubby Cheese Truck, Fast Foodie MKE, Frankie’s Sammiches, Red Slider Truck, Streetza Pizza, Haute Taco, Satellite Crepes, Cold Spoons Gelato, Tiger Bite and more. Lunch need not come from a frozen box. Organized by the Wauwatosa Chamber of Commerce. Address: 10499 Innovation Dr., Wauwatosa.

Truly, Madly, Deeply Fried
You might know that Palomino, a bar that rests in the shadow of the Hoan Bridge, serves fried food. A lot of fried food. What you might not know is that it also had nightly specials. More fried? Yep, who needs the State Fair? On Thursdays, Palomino offers fried tacos (beef, black beans or grilled veggies) for $2.50 each. Friday night is the obligatory fish fry (cod $9.95 or perch $11.95). Saturday's ribs are not fried ($8.95 or $12.95), but they come with two sides (which could be fried okra and homemade hush puppies – there's your fried). And Sunday… well Sunday, it's chicken and waffles, with chicken-fried corn on the cob ($9.95). There's a time and place for grease. (2491 S. Superior St., 414-747-1007)

Fade to Pizza
A pizza road trip? Food Network Magazine compiled a best pizza article that encompasses 50 states. Some pizzas are classics (margherita, sausage); others are a bit “out there” (crab rangoon, Alaskan salmon). Check them out in “Fifty States, 50 Pizzas,” featured in the September issue. Oh, Wisconsin? We’re in there, too. But I won’t spill the beans on which pizzeria made it into the story. You’ll have to click here.

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