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Tavern Transformed
Changes at a Water Street landmark. And why you must watch a certain video.

A Rose Is a Rose
Rosie’s on Water, a long-time occupant of Water Street. A story about dining options near the Bradley Center. Luke’s Sports Spectacular! There’s a name that will take you back. Anyway, I haven’t mentioned Rosie’s in ages. And last time I did, it related to mozzarella marinara. The waves of change have apparently reached the Rosie’s kitchen, with the addition of chef Dan Solberg, who I am told is also a farmer. The menu, quite a switch from the old days, offers duck fat fries with various toppings (poutine available, too); panko-breaded organic chicken breast strips; beer-battered, deep-fried cheese “fluffs” (a.k.a., Sassy Cow Creamery cheese curds); grilled cheese and mac and cheese made with a Wisconsin award-winning cheese; and a burger made with grass-fed beef. On Friday nights, there’s a fish fry – cod fried in a beer batter made with New Glarus Spotted Cow. You noticing all those local names? Open daily from 3 p.m. (1111 N. Water St., 414-274-7213)

Projectile Frittata
This is not the platform for politics. But I can’t let this nationally important story go untouched by Dish on Dining. Comedy Central’s Stephen Colbert has been vocal about his political aspirations and his Super PAC. Colbert has generously transferred control of his PAC cash to fellow pundit Jon Stewart, who showed on “The Daily Show” how quickly he can blow through that dough. There really is a food component to this – Mario Batali, a frittata and saliva transference. For best results, do not view while consuming food or beverage. Watch here

Foam Reaction
On a more serious note, big beer doings are happening on Jan. 25 at Hinterland. It’s a beer dinner benefit for Milwaukee’s Renaissance Theaterworks. The menu is five courses. But that is not all. There will be actors from Renaissance Theaterworks, doing what actors do. Local writer Lucy Saunders, of The Best of American Beer and Food fame, will be on hand. You could also win tickets to a Renaissance Theaterworks production. How about that? Dinner date: Jan. 25, 6:30 p.m. Cost: $125 per person. (222 E. Erie St., Suite 100) Call 414-727-9300 for reservations.

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