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Open Sesame
Two restaurants – Downtown and in Bay View – enter our stratosphere.
Mary Made

Mary, Mary, quite contrary. Wait, Mary is most certainly not contrary. She is being quite amenable by officially making her presence felt in Bay View. "She" is more formally known as Hamburger Mary’s new Milwaukee location (2130 S. Kinnickinnic Ave., 414-988-9324), which should be open for business this Wednesday (dinner starting at 5 p.m.). The LGBT-friendly restaurant will debut with a limited menu. Starters, for instance, will include mini Marys (sliders), chik’n wangs (that would be wings) and mac-n-cheese fritters. More filling options: crispy caramel chicken salad, the Proud Mary burger (with two half-pound patties), Bird of Paradise turkey/bacon sandwich, and for dessert, the fried Twinkie treat and Mary Tyler s’mores ($2-$14). The interior, I hear, will follow Hamburger Mary’s colorful code of "Klassy Kitsch." Note that the restaurant will also serve lunch and weekend brunch.

Starting a Rumpus
Starting next week, attention will turn to The Rumpus Room (1030 N. Water St., 414-292-0100). I’ve been talking about Bartolotta Restaurant Group’s latest venture for weeks now. D-Day is Tuesday, Oct. 11. The company has been mum about the interior, although if you go to the restaurant’s Facebook page, you’ll see a photo of one of the antique chandeliers. The Rumpus Room, inspired by a bar that Joe Bartolotta’s father operated in the 1950s and ’60s, is going to be a departure from Lake Park Bistro, Bacchus and Harbor House. They’re shooting for casual, reasonably priced fare. As I look at the menu, I think craft beers (another specialty) will be the right accompaniment. Before getting into the business of sandwiches and entrées, the restaurant will get you going with rumaki, oysters on the half-shell and Scotch eggs served with mustard dressing ($1-$4). Apps include braised pork belly with white beans and gremolata, chopped chicken liver, and chicken wings with harissa and whipped blue cheese cream ($8-$15). Sandwiches? A Rumpus burger, Muffaletta, Cuban, and Usinger’s spiral Italian sausage ($8-$12). Finally, entrées: bangers and sauerkraut, half-fried chicken with escarole and mushrooms, stout-braised lamb cheeks, beer-battered fish and chips, and sea scallops with green lentils and veal jus ($16-$32). Just FYI: some menu revisions could happen between now and next week. And: The restaurant will open strictly for dinner on the 11th. Lunch service will start at the end of October.

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