Haute Plates 
Utter gustatory satisfaction. These restaurants can offer it to you in 30 sensational ways.

BY Ann Christenson

Epidemic on the Down-Low

HIV is surging in a portion of the population that often lacks the means to fight the condition or to confront it publicly.

By Jimmy Carlton

Gary’s Gospel

The Pabst Theater and its kin are the city’s holy grail of live music venues. Meet the intrepid evangelist commanding the Pabst pulpit.
By Steven Hyden

The Velvet Underground

Despite the threats from animal rights groups, mink farming is a profitable business in rural Wisconsin, where ranches reach back generations.
By Kristine Hansen


Paper Chase

Milwaukee rolls out a remedy for mistaken parking tickets. But is it enough?
By Abby Callard

A Clean Fight

Unionized janitors go all-in against a prominent developer.
By Rich Rovito

Faraway Places

How J.R.R. Tolkien’s manuscripts came to Milwaukee, and what they mean today.
By Matt Hrodey

Singing in the Rain

A band of a cappella aficionados turns a faux pas into a ringing success.
BY Claire Hanan

The Things

Grappling with stuff – lots of stuff – doesn’t have to erode your sanity.
BY Ellen Kozak

Lip Service

Local makeup artists pick their favorite winter shades.
BY Claire Hanan

Born Again

The recently opened Bay View location of Well-Rounded Maternity Center represents a bump in the out-of-hospital birth trend.
BY Jeanette Hurt


Family Trees

Some Christmas hunting trips have nothing to do with the mall.
By Liam Callanan


Season of Change

Sharon Hansen’s women’s choir will disband upon her retirement, but not before the group’s most ambitious season to date.
By Paul Kosidowski

Point of View

The Ambassador

What Haitian native Samuel Dalembert thinks about when he’s not jogging across a basketball court in a Bucks jersey.
By Howie Magner