Best of 2012 

Our annual fest of the best. It’a a page-turner that highlights shopping, dining, beauty, kids, politics and fun. Not necessarily at the same time.

Milwaukee Magazine Staff

Food Fight

Grocery chains are always rising and falling in Milwaukee. Remember Kohl’s, Cub, Jewel-Osco? Yeah, we thought so. Why Pick ’n Save could go the way of the dodo.

Nobody Special

Aaron Rodgers remembers when you didn’t care about him. He even appreciates it, and sometimes, he’s nostalgic for it. But he’d still like to remind you to be polite.

Blank Slate

Can Century City become the next Menomonee Valley?


The Emerald Apocalypse

How Milwaukee got off its ash and did something about the worst threat to trees since Dutch elm disease.

Culinary Community

Diners from outside the city are finding a little gastronomic utopia in Riverwest.

Money for Jobs

Does economic development work? State government’s not always checking.

Watch It

Your wrist has the potential to look really fly. Here’s how.

Rat Race

Scientists are using virtual rats to identify genes responsible for diseases – and to find cures.

Trading Post

Can’t sell your house? Have we got a deal for you.

Plastic Problems
Some kinds of leftovers should not keep forever.
Traveling Treasures
Paintings by the Dutch Masters make a stopover in Milwaukee. Among them, the most bewitching Rembrandt self-portrait.


Hot Comm-Oddity
Bay View’s spirited Odd Duck has the new restaurant shine. Read why it’s turning heads.
The Crab Shack Cometh
Get thee down to Canal Street, where a surprise awaits, and it’s got nothing to do with bingo.
Point of View
Under the Radar
You don’t know Daniel Holter, but you undoubtedly know his music, recorded in an unmarked Tosa building.