We can’t seem to satisfy an obsessive thirst for beer. It’s Milwaukee, go figure. You’ll feel the same after popping open this guide – a quenching mix of the best brews and bars, plus homebrew how-tos, beer dinners and lots more.

The Underdogs
Local band Jaill isn’t exactly a household name. And despite a second Sub Pop album gaining speed, the group has not mastered the art of self-promotion.
A Loaded Question
The puzzling case of Jesus Gonzalez, who first gained attention for his outspoken advocacy of the open carry of firearms. The tide turned when he shot two men.
A Bout With Greatness
Milwaukeean Al Jenkins once boxed a man you may have heard of. But sooner than expected, fate took the Golden Gloves champ outside of the ring.
Political Parks
Once indispensable, public squares are now slipping through the cracks.
Sleek Slicers
Thanks to tool mastermind Frankie Flood, pizza cutters will never be the same.
Taken for a Ride
Pricey travel clubs may have bilked thousands of Wisconsinites dreaming of paradise.
Ring, Ring!
One lawyer’s pedal-preoccupied practice.
Picnic Perfection
A dose of whimsy with a retro vibe is this season’s recipe for the perfect picnic. To pull off the ultimate summer fantasy, we turned to David Caruso, one of the city’s premier party planners, for advice.
Down the Tubes
Banks, increasingly unwilling to take on foreclosed homes, are leaving residences to rot.
Oral Indication
A key screening tool for diabetes might be in your mouth.
Onstage Chemistry
One local theater embraces small projects in DIY style.
Belle Époque
Behold this early look at c.1880, the ambitious Walker’s Point restaurant.
Take Your ’Cue
Walker’s Point, that enclave of diversity, is home to an inconspicuous little barbecue joint.
Point of View
Listen Up
Marina Dimitrijevic wants to heal old wounds as Milwaukee’s new County Board chair.