The city of Milwaukee is no stranger to the top of beer- or bar-related lists. The latest, published by Esquire, names Milwaukee as the Bar City of the Year. David Wondrich, who has the enviable title of the magazine’s drinks correspondent, stopped by Brew City to test out the bars.

Distil, My Office, The Knight’s Bar, German Beer Hall and Wolski’s Tavern all make cameos in David Wondrich’s write-up. He also names Koz’s Mini Bowl – where he apparently joined the bowling league – and Bryant’s as two of the best bars in the country.

Wondrich stayed within a pretty tight circle when he was in Milwaukee, hitting Downtown, Old World Third Street and the South Side. What about Bay View, Riverwest?

What exactly was his reasoning for placing Cream City at the top of the list? Not entirely clear. But we think the popularity of beer dice played heavily into the decision. I’ll bet the free drinks at the first bar he stopped at didn’t hurt either. (Midwest friendliness, anyone?)