All this print fits like new.

For nearly three decades, Pressroom (formerly Pressroom Confidential) has monitored, investigated and commented upon the local media scene. I took over the column in November 2006. The opportunity has given me a ringside seat to the biggest communications revolution since the days of Johannes Gutenberg. More recently, the job has been turning me into a combat correspondent.

This blog grows out of one Milwaukee Magazine and I started on Facebook last year. It offers Pressroom an opportunity to break more stories faster, provide updates and supplements to the monthly print-version columns, explore topics that might not make it into print and generally point readers to interesting news and notes about the media across the Web as we keep you up to date with the new media revolution.

Additions to this blog will come as often as several times a day and at least once or twice a week. We’ll link to it from Facebook and Twitter as well. Tips are always welcome.

As a blog, we hope it to be more nimble than a print-only column can be. If journalism is the rough draft of history, blogging is something else again – the sketchy outline on the back of an envelope. But that won’t be an excuse to not do our best to be as accurate as possible. We’ll strive to get the story right, and when we make mistakes – as we know we will – we’ll correct them promptly. We also look forward to reader input and comments that are on topic and insightful. What we don’t demand is agreement. That would be boring.

It isn’t for nothing that Andrew Sullivan calls blogging journalism "without a net." We’re mindful of that. The last thing we want to give ourselves is all the noose that fits the prince.